Soul Sister Sundays 2014

Soul Sister Sundays ~ 1-5 pm
January 21, February 4 & 18, March 4 & 18, April 8


Join us for a deep dive into the fires of transformation with the Hindu Goddess Kali as our guide.

She is the fierce, and loving Feminine rising up, and passionately expressing Herself in our hearts, nature, and our world in crisis. Kali’s dynamic power and sword of truth, can be seen in, #metoo, Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, Standing Rock, African American women voters of Alabama, “Nevertheless, She Persisted”.

We see earth’s upheavals as Her “NO” to the devastation of
our beloved Planet.

In the midst of personal and collective chaos, darkness, radical change, death and rebirth, this series calls us to get our “Kali on, inside and out!”

"Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames
~ Rumi ~

Through the sacred portal of the Heart, we will Invoke Kali’s energies with courage and humility to:

~ Burn away all that separates us from our Essence

~ Cut through false illusions, lies, out worn structures, limitations, conditioned beliefs

~ Speak truth to power

~ Move beyond convention

~ Release constrictions and stagnant energies

~ Bring our personal & collective shadow to light

~ Discern transformative anger from wounded feminine rage

~ Honor the Mysteries and cycles of death and birth, dark/light

~ Sit in the unknowing

~ Surrender the ego/mind in service to Love

~ Embody authentic feminine power, wisdom and passion

~ Discover the light of love within the joy and pain of Life

Our resources to fuel our dance with Kali will be: Heart meditation, feminine embodiment practices, dynamic movement, Kali asanas, & mudras, chanting, dreams, deep inner inquiry, inspiring film, creative arts, ritual, heart/soul centered sharing, and the wisdom of the circle.

Together we will rise from the ashes of Kali’s transforming fire, to walk our path with audacity and Love, ready to offer our wisdom and gifts to the world.

Where: Terra Casa ~ Waupaca, WI

Series Begins: January 21, 2018

Series Concludes: April 8, 2018

Time: Sundays ~ 1-5 pm

Investment: Early bird rate by Jan.15: $215. Paypal option available
Later than Jan.15: $245

No refunds one week prior to or once series begins. If registration cancelled before stated time, full refund minus $25 administration fee.

To Register: Email janis at or call 920.574.6206. Please include your name, phone, and home address when registering!

Wondering if this series is for you? Call or email janis, she welcomes hearing from you!

Please check back frequently for upcoming events,
or email to be added to her mailing list.



Series Begins: Jan 21, 2018
Series Concludes: April 8, 2018

Terra Casa ~ Waupaca, WI

Sundays ~ 1-5 p.m.


Early bird rate by Jan. 15th: $215
Later than Jan.15th: $245
Class size limited, early registration recommended


To Register:

Email -
Call - 920.574.6206
Please include your name, phone,
and home address when registering!



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Work with janis to discover the guiding wisdom and profound healing messages within your dreams.

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