janis deluca, RN
Mentor and guide for women
Certified Kripalu yoga teacher
Tantra Educator
Voice Dialogue facilitator
Member of The Intl. Assoc. for the Study of Dreams

Passionately inspiring, and facilitating the woman’s journey to wholeness for over 18 years through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.


My professional path in the healing arts began over 30 years ago. Within the sacred field of nursing, I developed a deep reverence for the mysteries of life and death, and the beauty, wonder and resiliency of the human body and spirit. It was my profound initiation into the heart and soul of healing, and the joy and privilege of compassionate service.

Inspired by my own “awakening invitation”, my professional path branched out in diverse and expansive ways; each contributing to my inner and outer journey, and the journeys of the women I have been gifted to guide and walk with throughout the past 18 years.


Professional pathways:

Heart-centered spiritual transformational depth work with W. Brugh Joy, MD for
20 years

Extensive study and training in depth psychology; including dream work, voice dialogue, feminine world mythology, and archetypes

Body centered awareness/process

Expressive movement, yoga, dance, ritual

In depth immersion and experiential wisdom in tantra, and the Feminine mysteries; specializing in sexual-spiritual awakening and healing for women

Meditation and embodied practices for awakening

You are intrinsically whole/holy, a beautiful soul yearning to be seen and heard as you are in the moment...in your pain, sorrow, wisdom, laugher, tears...and who you are becoming in your ever- unfolding life story.

I want you to know life’s transitions and challenges are awakening invitations, sacred gateways to knowing and becoming yourSelf more fully with more love and more compassion.

I want you to know the potential, vast resources and creativity that awaits you, nothing to run or hide from, rather every thing to grow and expand into!

I want you to know the meaning of your life and live it fully with embodied passion and truth. The world needs your unique gifts, those that you alone can give.

I want you to know the path to awakening, and embodying your Whole Woman Self isn’t always easy; it has its twists and turns. I know, because I have walked this path as a seasoned traveler and guide for quite some time. The way can be strewn with fear, doubt, and confusion.

Still, the one thing I know for sure, is that the innate wisdom of your heart, body and soul can clear the way, opening the path to Love, healing and transformation.

I want you to know you don’t have to walk it alone. I didn’t. I had wonderful guides and beautiful soul sisters along the way. My heart is filled with gratitude for their awakening and loving presence in my life.

I want you to know I am honored as I welcome the opportunity to walk with you as your guide, mentor, midwife, listener, witness...
AND always as your sacred mirror, reflecting the divine beauty of the Whole Woman Self that lives within you.

The wisdom that flows through janis is both ancient and fresh, intensely potent and gentle, mysterious and resonating. Her guidance invites and holds individual authenticity and a comfort of being deeply connected to the circle of women."

~ Jessica Ryan


janis is a midwife of the feminine soul.”

~ Deborah E.


janis is a teacher/facilitator of the fullest source, guiding, opening, and resonating with the light within her students.”

’It is her own deep knowledge and experience of herself that is her keel to keep her “steady on course” as she swims beside any woman seeking the full sense of who she is.”

~ B.A.

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Work with janis to discover the guiding wisdom and profound healing messages within your dreams.

Becoming the Embodiment of Love and Compassion
Soul Sisters Series
Sundays ~ 1-5 pm
January 5, 19, February 2 & 16, March 1 & 15

Join us in the timeless circle of heart-centered sisterhood as we expand our hearts to Quan Yin, Mother of Mercy and Compassion, who hears the cries of the world.

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